How Clean Are Your Beds?

How Clean Are Your Beds?

Whether you do it standing up or lying down it’s important that your bed is clean.

There are many micro-organisms which occur in nature that thrive in warm and humid places. A sunbed and its surroundings can provide an ideal breeding ground for them. So it’s essential you have protocols in place to ensure your sunbeds are kept clean.

Sunbed surfaces, especially the acrylic sheet on a lay-down and foot base on a stand-up should be cleaned and disinfected after each use and at the end of each day. This will also help protect the acrylic from deterioration through perspiration build-up.

Whether staff clean or you provide the cleaning materials for customers to clean the sunbed before/after each use, they should also be cleaned at the beginning or end of each day. Remember the underside of the acrylic sheet needs cleaning periodically.

Normal household disinfectants must not be used as these can sensitise the skin and damage the acrylic. Only use products specifically formulated for sunbeds such as iXtreme Sunbed Cleaner which is available in a 5 Litre size.

And don’t forget other parts of the sunbed for example the optical filters, dust filters, fans and so on. Accumulating dust and dirt will not only affect the appearance of the sunbed but also the performance.

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